You Have to Believe It to Receive It

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

On Healing

We are in the day spoken of in Ecclesiastes where God is accelerating everything including healing from all manner of illnesses, sometimes using medicine but always reminding you He created the body and He can heal it instantly not in years.

God wants every generation to progress more than the preceding one…. that means you healing faster than your parents.

Maybe this is the gift of your challenge at this moment. Are you going to believe unconditionally the Father within doeth the work…not you…not the doctors….or are you going to stay half believing and half doubting, sometimes believing on good days and not believing on bad days?

Are you going to believe God who created billions of galaxies doesn’t play favorites and heal or bless one person and not another? That kind of thinking is limited conditioning not the expansiveness of a God who created the universe out of love. Remember not to believe everything you hear or read; even organized religion makes mistakes and has  vested interests in promoting belief systems…the inquisition for instance.

First – commit to healing and finishing the issue once and for all….meaning you commit to regularly take steps daily to make it happen.

Second part of commitment is willingness, your executive power, are you willing to delete anything unlike the belief “I am healed?”  You can’t manifest two oppositional creations at the same time and when you try, you get random events instead of predictable events. You have to delete one belief to create its opposite and then hardwire the new supporting belief into your subconscious which is creating your reality.

Further, you have to delete any beliefs you have that you don’t deserve to be healed….particularly if you come from a family filled with guilt and shame. Now is the time to let go of any of those inclinations and know …really know not think …that everyone is worthy…everyone is made in His image and is His precious child and as such, deserves all good things to come to them. You are pre-approved by God for blessings; anyone else’s opinion makes no difference including your own.

There is no separate law for some people to receive miracles and some not. God is an equal opportunity giver. He gives miracles to everyone in every area but we have to take our own limitations off him ….your own beliefs limit the miracles He wants to perform for you. Sometimes I think to doubt He wants to heal us or prosper us is like lack of appreciation and gratitude for His love for us.  Setting ourselves aside from others is a kind of unconscious vanity. Who are we to change His decision to bless his children’s lives abundantly?  The only difference between the recipients of miracles and the non- receivers is BELIEF. WE CAN ONLY EXPERIENCE WHAT WE BELIEVE…. INCLUDING KNOWN AND UNKNOWN BELIEFS.

While reviewing your beliefs for sabotaging ones, examine if there is any payoff you are getting by keeping any present condition you have.  If you discover any kind of reward, subliminal or not, delete it and determine to fill your mind with the new belief you are well…i.e.:  Thank you God for making me well.

Third surround yourself with an environment that supports your new beliefs, your healing. Keep listening to positive principles and tools to change your life tapes or read them for a few minutes nightly. Make those 3×5 cards and your vision board and affirm them for yourself everyday for 30 days to rewire your brain [ you can’t do it for less days or you have to start over]  Or use instant manifestation tools like deleting the old beliefs so the new one will take effect immediately.

Honor yourself and God sufficiently to think your own thoughts. Sometimes we are meant to model unconditional faith in God’s goodness not have the same thoughts as our loved ones. Stand in your faith and know YOU ARE HEALED NOW.

So decide what you want, then keep feeding your mind and Heart with God’s promises of Healing….YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT TO RECEIVE IT.

Gifts From the Father: God’s Plan for His Children’s Happiness © 1999, Adele Tartaglia
Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You, 2005, Adele Tartaglia