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If you have been fortunate enough to have children and grandchildren you know what a miracle is! By all medical evidence both I and my first son should not be alive. After 13 hours in a coma I woke up only long enough to advise the hospital I would sue them if they killed my child to save me. God gave my doctor an inspired way to deliver my son a way and keep us both alive without permission for surgery since no one was there to give it. What a blessing. Due to medical error, I have been pronounced dead four times and hovering around the ceiling looking down at my parents, came back in because I could feel their pain. Considering in those early years I yearned for the peaceful loving place I came from, it is a miracle that spirit helped me get back in the body since part of me didn’t really want to but I always knew why I was here. I know every near death experiencer knows exactly what I mean.

I had an opportunity to realize I didn’t want to return to the other side years later when my life was in real danger and I had two children I wanted very much to live for. When I say God is good I mean it with all my heart to the billionth power.

One time the doctor treating me for asthma gave me a morphine shot which an asthmatic should never have since it is a respiratory depressant. I am no longer an asthmatic per se but at the time it put me in a coma and they called home to tell my parents they had lost me, again, bless their hearts. Eventually I had surgery for the cause of the pain they administered the morphine for without an anesthetic since doctors used to be afraid to put asthmatics under and felt no pain during the surgery. I was meditating on a prayer card of Our Holy Mother who has blessed me with a myriad of miracles throughout my life.

My ex-husband and our attorneys framed me for some of his crimes so I couldn’t testify and Our Lady of Fatima got the case thrown out and freed me.

Our family had an accident and I was told I would never walk upright again or be able to pick up anything again. That was healed with exercise and a miracle.

At a time when I was working 18 hour days on a company I owned and supporting a large family, I developed macular degeneration and went blind for six weeks. The doctor could not understand how a thirty six year old woman not a corporate CEO in the real world could have this disease. My family and I made a novena to Our Holy Mother and I got my sight back without even having laser surgery.

Another time I was advised I needed a mastectomy I had so many cysts and tumors. Our Mother and a change in diet solved this one too.

It occurs to me that a number of miracles I am mentioning have to do with illness. Being a Catholic I used to believe in illness and in suffering being good for the soul. I discreated those beliefs because they certainly don’t serve me or anyone else. A further underlying causality was our family belief that doctors make mistakes which I have created evidence for throughout my life. I created later that my doctor took me off meds I had been all my life and I went into serious mental and physical decline and was told I had early onset Alzheimers which we healed by deleting the effects of the MRI and increasing my medication to its normal amount.

My father used to use psychics to help him see what was coming up for him and the family. I was against them as a card carrying bible reading Catholic that believed scripture’s admonition against those who read for you. I had been a psychic all my life but refused to indulge it. My poor father kept telling me his psychic, Anita Ross, had an important message for me and I had to go to her. I refused on principle. He finally said “If you love me baby you will go for me” and of course I went. It changed my life.

This wise and experienced reader stunned this hitherto unbeliever. I believed in paranormal phenomena having been raised on Edgar Cayce, Alan W Watts and Madame Blavatsky. I just thought God didn’t want it for us. The psychic asked me for something that was personal to me. I gave her my rosary which I kept with me all the time in those days. She started channeling in the voice of a man using “we” instead of I.  She said my three friends on the other side were always with me.

Still wary “I said what three friends?” She said don’t do that… you know that we know that you keep yourself surrounded by St. Francis, [my mentor], Mary, and Jesus. I almost passed out. Silently I apologized to daddy. Then she described each of my boys’ primary motivations and she was completely accurate. I never discussed my children’s personalities with anyone in the family or outside of it for fear of judgment against them.   I knew she could only understand them and the effect they would have on my life psychically. Then she told me I would be published nationally and have a byline but to be careful. No one knew I was a frustrated writer. I still believed being personally responsible was all that mattered and you took whatever job you could get with gratitude and worked as hard as you could regardless of what you wanted to do with your life.

She told me I would get a job offer and move away and to be careful of gossip about me.  I couldn’t understand that but she said there would be jealousy because of my age and promotion. She said “Stand up for yourself Adele,” something I did not learn to do for many more years until my freedom depended on it. Soon after I was hired as a Marketing Manager of an insurance conglomerate and moved five hundred miles away from home.  I did create the first financial journal for Mutual Funds and several house organs and was published nationally. The elderly women in the company were angry because at twenty seven, looking like eighteen, I was doing the marketing for multiple insurance and title companies. I was oblivious to their feelings as I was working night and day. Even the president of the company called me in and told me to defend myself against the gossip. I said I could never do that as mother raised us not to gossip and I left it in God’s hands. I was able after that to befriend the accountant in my office who was very angry about not getting promoted to the position they gave me and came to realize their viewpoint. We both healed from the conflict with a simple act of kindness but here was what the psychic had warned me about that didn’t make sense. Her whole reading and the events that have unfolded since were a miracle.

During an extended period of high stress for my family, my father got cancer and Alzheimers and was ready to make his transition. I was ghost writing a book for a doctor in another state and was over two hours from an airport when I found out. The doctor did not want me to leave the retreat center and it took until three in the morning to get him to agree to let someone take me to the airport to get home to daddy. When I got there, my father had already pretty much passed which my family didn’t quite realize. He had the death mask on his face and was not really in the body. After everyone left to go home for the night, I took his hand and told him it was ok to go that I was there and would take over. He had always said I was the only one who could take over for him which wasn’t true but it was his belief. He squeezed my hand and took peaceful leave of his body shortly after that. The fact that he waited for me to get home from across the country having been sick for three years and in hospice for over a week was a miracle that meant everything to me and to him.

When I was a small child I got rheumatism in one leg and couldn’t walk on it for almost a year. I have had illness after illness, accidents, cancer scares, death threats during a divorce law suit, been framed for other people’s crimes and God and his angels continue to save my life, heal me, free me from the creations of my old consciousness so I could be of assistance to others creating havoc and disaster in their lives.

The son who survived with me is the one who got me involved in teachings that opened my mind to the possibility that we are creating it all and can create something else whenever we choose, ideas I had never heard of. It was during a seven year divorce law suit over millions I had made in business which my husband had taken and wanted to keep without paying the IRS. Many miracles took place as I was being terrorized in three countries and protected by those governments before I learned to take personal responsibility for my thoughts and beliefs. Since I had no money and was the defendant, I could not get out of the lawsuit and was on the run and in court defending myself during all this time. Once I realized it was the content of my own mind that created the situation I had been in for years, I deleted the beliefs creating it in ten minutes and created that the judge throw the entire seven year case out of court. She did that the next day much to the distress of my ex-husband and his numerous attorneys who were making a fortune on this never ending case. I blessed him and sent him on his way and started re-building my life and the children’s knowing there are no accidents, there is always an underlying causality and it is I.  So now I choose to create even more miracles for the world and self.

There have been many many healing miracles in my therapy practice which I attribute to God using me to open other people’s minds to the realization that they are part of All That Is and their divine essence is love as they create this world with, in, and through Him.

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One more positive one. I was in a Doreen Virtue training class and before it began, she announced there was a writer in the audience who had information the world needed to know but was afraid to share because of her own insecurity. Several people claimed the reading but I felt total resonance and was deeply moved. She said no there is someone else. I have been writing and creating healing programs all my life but my training went against ever showing up in the world. She went on to say that archangel Uriel was in the audience assisting to remove from the shoulders of the person the pain of stuck beliefs and insecurity so they would come forward with their lifetime of work. I was crying, something I don’t do, as I felt Uriel working on me. As I write this, this beautiful soul Uriel is here with me working to finish up the work and I am overwhelmed with God’s generosity of assigning angels to us when we need them. I have had enormous pain in my shoulders for several years now that we haven’t been able to cure and now I see why. Just deleted the rest of my Italian Catholic guilt so I can be of more service. Another miracle thank you God.

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