An Introduction to Miracles

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

 Thoughts on Miracles

There is only one pre-requisite for receiving a miracle….Belief….belief that miracles happen and are possible accompanied by the belief that you too deserve a miracle and will have one. Sometimes the Creator performs miracles  just to let us know He is watching over us or to show the challenged hopeless souls, as I once was, who don’t believe in their worthiness ….that indeed all are included in His beneficence.

Stories concerning supernatural events on this blog are not restricted to those involving religious faith. There is no exclusionary bias here concerning what you call the Power that created it all, the Omnipotent being you attribute miracles to, other than your own awakening, or how you relate to that force. Belief in a Higher Power is a shared paradigm everywhere on the planet, taught in every sacred text and passed down in every tradition since the beginning of the history of man. 

I am a firm believer that there is only One Power and One Presence in the world, God the Good, and that informs my entire approach to life giving me hope, trust and faith in divine right outcomes.

I welcome everyone who desires to share their convictions about the Source of their extraordinary events. I look forward to reading stories about beliefs from all cultures that have brought forth inexplicable events.  I know we will find there is no difference in the nature of man concerning his needs, prayers, wishes and earnest desires for his family, himself, and the planet. This mutuality of purpose binds us together. 

There are two classifications of miracles we will discuss on this blog. Those self created ones which come about from knowing the techniques of harnessing your mind’s energy to create what you want, and the effable experience felt in the body, mind and spirit when God blesses us with one of His miracles. God has His own special way of moving heaven and earth for us, and made in His image as co-creators, we are learning how to honor this attribute within and produce our own kind of magic. 

There are no requirements except respect for the sacredness of the experiences shared herein.  If you consider an occurrence, an epiphany, an angelic intervention, a dream, a change in the quality of your life, or a personal transformation, a  miracle, it is a miracle.

If you subscribe to the reality of miracles you will receive them and you will recognize them when they happen. The Bible sets a precedent for existence of miracles. Books and movies are filled with amazing stories from the apparitions of Mother Mary, finding lost children, and miraculous cures of lifelong addictions and illnesses. I myself have had so many miracles that I want to share my firm conviction in them with anyone who wishes to know if they are valid. There is nothing as inspiring as knowing about the exceptional events that others have had take place in their lives. If we can give hope to one another we have done a good thing.

So share freely my friends and blessings in advance for the sweetness and depth of your gifts to the rest of us. It requires vulnerability and trust in your fellow man. Thank you for adding your miracle as a statement of your gratitude for the Creator’s desire to bless his children with an abundant life and your own right mindedness which allowed you to receive and accept the gifts you have been given.

This is an open forum that was originally an idea for one of my newspaper columns. This is about sharing miracles and astounding experiences that might otherwise fall into the category of paranormal phenomena if we did not know that we live in an era of ever expanding consciousness where mankind is actualizing his potentials and latent gifts are coming to the forefront to be used.  Man’s silent agreement to keep hidden the paranormal is being lifted. The transformation taking place today has been accelerated shortening the time it takes for all positive manifestations to appear. Prepare yourself for the blessing of your life to happen right now as soon as you tweak your mind or become aware that you already possess faith in the unknown and the unexpected.

Since we can only experience what we believe in, consciously or unconsciously, in order to live a miraculous life, we have to believe not only in miracles themselves but in our deservedness to receive the unbounded goodness of the Creator of all that is. Evidence supports that it does not matter if you believe that creator is living within you, acting in, as and through you thus making you a co-creator, and thus source of your life, or that it is a distant entity to be experienced after death if you are a good person. As long as you have attending beliefs that support whichever belief system you have, you will receive unexplainable events in your life.

We know that life is a reflection of your beliefs in every area from your health, finances, relationships, success, to the way people respond to you. To change the reflection, we must change the beliefs creating the reflection.

If you believe your life can change in an instant it can. If you believe you have to work long and hard to change the content of your mind, you will have to. If you believe some people are lucky, or fate smiles on some and not others, or that you are a poor soul that only bad things happen to, the events in your life will affirm these beliefs. If you believe you are unworthy of a fulfilling job, a wonderful partner, good health, a strong mind, a happy home, etc., your life events will confirm these programs. If you believe you deserve a miracle you will have one.  If you believe you are a miracle you will act like you believe you are a miracle and everyone else will experience you as a miracle.

Conversely if you believe and in fact know, a belief with 100% conviction behind it, that you are creating it all out of your own mind energy, the frequencies you send out to the waiting universe from your programs, thoughts, words and actions, and that you can easily change these elements at will, you will set about creating a mentality that draws to you all manner of good “luck,” blessings, gifts, and opportunities. If you realize you are the decision maker in a universe waiting for the mind of man to determine which events actually take place in the time space continuum, you will decide to have a life filled with wonderful events.  If you believe you deserve the best of everything, you will get the best of everything including instant healings, instant wealth, instant recovery, instant success, and instant love… in other words miracles will abound in your life.

Here is a phenomenon I have noticed resulting from this state of the escalated evolvement of man we are engaged in, often called the Shift. Being in the self awareness and empowerment industry for many years myself, it appears to me that never have so many people channeled spiritual and self help books and movies before in such a short time. Having known many of the predominant people on the lecture circuit and personally witnessed their changes from the inside out as spirit chose them to do its work is staggering when you consider the scale on which it has taken place.

Psychics and mediums are proliferating and are widely accepted in a way that previously was unknown in our country. In England where there is a long history of the supernatural it is well accepted as is reincarnation. I can remember the time when to admit you had extra normal gifts would keep you from mainstream employment and classify you as too strange to associate with. Metaphysicians and mystics who have been playing in the field all their lives are coming out of the closet to teach others to operate in the ethers.

Physicists are doing extensive research to recover and produce scientific evidence that we are all connected to each other and entrained in a coherent universe. Doctors like Larry Dossey and Herbert Benson of Harvard have acknowledged the power of prayer and meditation to heal and change lives across the miles. We have even learned to undo the effects of events that have already transpired. These type miracles have become commonplace in our country as compassionate Americans gather together to pray for a child who fell down a well, trapped minors, soldiers worldwide, and natural disaster survivors. The focused collective effort to manifest peace has been taken up by peoples throughout the planet. The Institute of Noetic Sciences continues to produce scientific proof of theories and beliefs those living outside the norm have accepted and experienced all their lives.
Dr. O Carl Simonton assured us years ago that the power of creative visualization can cure cancer and other diseases. Every Hypnotherapist can testify to the magic of reprogramming the subconscious mind to release pain, cure illness and attain goals for their clients.

What was once the purview of Avatars, those trained in manifesting their reality, has become more wide spread as human consciousness is piercing the veil due to the shifts in consciousness and in the poles. People are able to make more direct contact with the field of all possibilities and create more deliberately and readily. They are shifting into the belief in magic or miracles and making the life style choice to live intentionally instead of randomly. They are taking control of their lives as never before becoming source instead of effect.
Miracles are much more common than is ordinarily assumed. As with all phenomenons, you can’t produce an event in your life unless you hold the possibility of its existence, and it is improbable not to experience what you do believe in with great conviction. The runaway best seller The Secret based on the Law of Attraction made clear what the mystery schools, Plato, sacred scriptures, the transcendentalist and New Thought Ministers have long preached; the Law of Mind Action, that thoughts are energy forms creating after themselves in like kind. The School of Enlightenment has taught these ancient mysteries with astounding results. Cellular biology has offered evidence of the body mind connection and our control over it.

Physics, Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion, and Consciousness are merging and isn’t it marvelous to be alive to witness it. They all substantiate the potentiality of miracles and instruction on how to attain them.

If you believe that things and events can manifest out of thin air, you have many fascinating stories to share. The higher degree of faith you have in these types of events the higher chance you have of extraordinary things happening in your life with frequency.

If you think all this is nonsense, if you are a skeptic, an atheist, or a logical mechanist, [if you can’t perceive it with the five senses it does not exist] then you may not have had the privilege of having even one miracle visited upon you but I doubt it. As openly loving and generous as the Creator of the universe is, you probably have had super normal events happen but you rationalized them away, didn’t notice them, or credited them to chance.

As a person who never crossed to the other side of the veil, I not only believe in miracles I consider them an every day part of reality. They will become part of yours when you expose yourself to the truth principle that we are energy fields within the field of all potentiality and as such can resonate in, manifest, whatever we want or need.

Being gifted with more faith than common sense, and spending a great deal of my life slipping in and out of other dimensions, I believe nothing is impossible with Spirit, including the spirit that is us, unless we block it with our own psyches. Interestingly, my conditioning was such that my psyche created one opportunity after another for suffering and mishaps until I learned how to stop these life patterns. As soon as I become aware of any belief, program, or identity that is blocking the good waiting for me, I delete it. Without knowing that the third dimension is not the Real, I may not have been able to receive so many interventions and rescues from my overly creative mind.

As a preparation for your expectant anticipation of a miracle, this is what we know about the realty through which you can see…Reality. This is taken from my book Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You.

The multidimensional mind of man has a natural morphogenetic field of its own that is entrained and coherent.  What you change in the consciousness of the mind changes automatically in the consciousness of the body since there is an endless feedback loop exchanging information between what appears to be two but what is in fact, inexorability one unified organism. This cooperative resonance and delivery of messages through neuro peptides also is true for the heart’s intelligence system.

You can effect subtle energy changes even more effectively by making them in the consciousness of spirit which is non local. I call it “Healing in Consciousness.” That field of intentionality then automatically reformats the body mind spirit mechanism. It’s real top down programming which research has shown is the normal formatting device for integrating new information and creating neuro nets.
And we know that as we clean up our own field of consciousness, healing limiting false beliefs and creating life affirming precepts, they are broadcast out into the universe and received as transmissions by mass consciousness. We cannot do personal work of any kind on any level without affecting our own blood lines and the ongoing genetic heritage of mankind.

Further, the more you access the realm of your own higher consciousness and work in it, the more you expand your own consciousness into a morphogenetic field integrated with the subliminal intentions of your body mind and spirit. This personal field of yours can, with practice, become not only an instantaneous resource for you but a ready field for attracting what you want in life. This potentiality within your multidimensional consciousness is always there. It was hardwired from the beginning so why not begin to use it intentionally. This is the worldly explanation and evidence for miracles. You know the religious definition.

Just as we are all interconnected and one in the cosmic entanglement sense, so are you a whole integrated and a cohesive force unto yourself.

When you begin to understand that it is your own energy field containing the thoughts and emotions you are creating that is formatting your DNA and attracting the events of your life according to the quantum laws of attraction and mind action, you will take an active interest in controlling the energy creating those events.

If you have taken the Avatar course, a self empowerment course based on the eight thousand year old Vedic scriptures on how to create your own reality, you know magic is the order of the day. You are used to starting cars, changing the contents of unopened mail, healing your family remotely, ordering up the house, car, client, funds you want. I call it ordering up from the universe and I teach my own version of it which requires transforming the consciousness that created anything unlike your perfect life before placing your order.

Under “Some Miracles” I have started us off and ask your indulgence. I am writing these events without formality or editing just to share the actuality of life before you realize how much your mind is creating your reality and how God in His mercy understands your ignorance and provides solutions called miracles. After this sharing, you will probably all feel free to share your stories.  I invite you to go to this section when you are ready.

Life Is What You Make It, 1998, Adele Tartaglia
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